Thermo Dynamic's versatility allows us to help our customers achieve any and all of their insulating needs. We apply a superior insulation system for new construction, metal buildings, and spray applied foam roofs. We do not limit ourselves to the Lubbock area, as we also have offices in Amarillo and Abilene. We also now have a new office in Odessa, so please feel free to contact us if you are located elsewhere.

Polyurethane foam, when applied to a surface, fills in any cracks and smoothes over any seams or irregularities. The potential for leaks is virtually eliminated. That means keeping air and water out and energy in-- which saves you money... Lots of money.

Thermo Dynamic Insulation offers more than just the most efficient insulation-- we can guarantee it!!! We provide a guarantee for savings on your heating and cooling costs. We also offer an opportunity to ENERGY STAR® your new home. We have a certified HERS rater along with two BPI Certified Building Analysists on staff.

Thermo Dynamic Insulation Guarantee:

Our systems will pay for themselves through energy savings! Thermo Dynamic's customers save up to 60% or more on energy costs alone. Most structures insulated by Thermo Dynamic as opposed to conventional insulation will substantially reduce their cooling tonnage which means more savings.

Our new home insulation provides an absolute superior system. Polyurethane foam insulation can reduce heating and cooling cost up to 50%. Government studies have shown that as much as 40% of a home or building’s energy loss is resulted by air infiltration. Thermo Dynamic Insulation provides it’s customer with the most airtight, draft-free home available.  

Thermo Dynamic Insulation - Amarillo, TX Thermo Dynamic Insulation: New Home Construction

Thermo Dynamic Insulation: New Home Construction & Metal Buildings

New Home Construction Insulation:

Thermo Dynamic Insulation has been spraying foam insulation in the Lubbock area for over 8 years.  In that time we have insulated numerous homes.  We use polyurethane foam that is water blown and semi-rigid. It insulates and air-seals simultaneously which provides a more energy efficient, more comfortable, quieter and less dusty home. The foam is applied as a liquid so it will seal areas that cannot be sealed with conventional insulation, such as, the sill plates, headers, truss ends, base boards, around electrical outlets, plumbing, windows and doors.

Our product is environmental friendly. It contains no ozone depletion chemicals, no formaldehyde or asbestos, and does not emit any toxic substances. It meets the intent of the North American Building codes.

Our crews will come to your home and professionally apply the foam in a quick and efficient manner.  We use a revolutionary air planner instead of the old saw that other companies use.  This means that we get in, get it done, and get out so your new home can move on to the next phase of construction. When we leave your new home is not only insulated and sealed but is clean. We use an industrial sized vaccum to clean our waste, which will clean most other debris as well.

The R-value of our foam is 3.8 per inch.  That means in a 2x4 wall you get R-13 and on the Roof Deck that has 2x6 rafters, you get R-21, or better

Metal Building Foam Insulation:

In metal buildings we use the next generation of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, called HEATLOK™ SOY. It is an environmentally friendly technology to provide a solution to the challenges of achieving energy efficiency. A single application creates an air, moisture and vapor barrier that adds to the building's structural integrity. We spray about 1 inch of foam which will give an R-Value of 7.

The foam is a light green color when applied.  All Polyurethane foams are UV sensitive, so we recommend to paint the foam to protect it. We can also paint it with a latex paint after we spray the foam.

Thermo Dynamic Insulation provides a spray applied rigid foam that will not fall, sag, or settle. No other system can provide a more draft or dust free building. We will strongly reduce or eliminate most condensation problems. Rigid foam can also add to your building’s structural integrity. 

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